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A Bit About Us

Barron Construction is a custom residential construction company serving the central corridor of St. Louis City and County. Our primary focus is custom residential additions, remodeling and period restoration work. 

First and foremost, our responsibility is providing quality construction services for our clients. It requires dedication and significant effort by our craftsmen, but the final product created with our hands brings satisfaction, pride and fulfillment. The residential projects are largely self-performed by Barron carpenters, utilizing cross-training techniques that produce individuals with a holistic knowledge of building construction methods and technology. 


Barron Construction is comprised of the entire family and other hard working talented craftsmen. As a family-owned company, we are guided by our faith and focused on the people that make our business possible. We acknowledge the vital role that our clients and the architectural community play in our success. We believe in forming lasting and trusting relationships with our employees, clients and others in the industry, and see that as a key driver of our success. Our core values of hard work and creativity come to life in the beauty of our buildings. 

Signorelli - Erker Greatroom and Bathroo
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